On a Mission to Maximize Global Health

Our Mission and Vision

PERSOWN’s long view mission is to leverage existing technologies expanding access to affordable health services for a billion underserved families. Our platform will secure their personal health data available instantly to everyone across the globe, to improve care and save lives.

Our vision is a world in which no one suffers or dies from treatable communicable disease, everyone receives swift, effective care when unavoidable illness arises, and good health supported by good technology allows humankind to live each day to the fullest.

Using Rapid Analytics and Artificial Intelligence powered by SAS on data gathered from PERSOWN hospitals and patient services vendors, we can help identify disease patterns earlier and develop new standards of care improving health for communities – and save lives.

the persown story

Seeing firsthand how life as we knew it was rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I quickly realized that the only way to navigate the pandemic successfully was through a lot of testing. The testing had to be extremely accurate, it had to deliver results fast, it had to be affordable, and if we were going to stop the spread, it had to be able to detect very low levels of the virus in the patient. In fact, it had to be able to detect the virus before the patient was symptomatic and before they were highly contagious.

Early on in our search for a diagnostic solution that would meet all those requirements, we found that only electrochemistry-based approach could satisfy all the criteria. So, we assembled a world-class team of electrochemists and began to review prior applications of electrochemistry to medical diagnostics. We studied what had worked and what had not, many with serious limitations.

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What we found was that we could apply the advances in electronics that were driven by the rapid evolution of the smartphone and RFID tags to efficiently eliminate the previously experienced limitations. The result of our efforts was a strong IP supported portfolio that makes the foundation of a powerful diagnostic platform.

It quickly became apparent that we could use this foundation to not only change the course of the current pandemic, but also to provide early detection of heart attacks, concussion, tuberculosis, various cancers and dozens of other conditions

We also began developing a software platform to integrate existing diagnostic testing as patient health records. This was a powerful realization, coupled with the discovery that 75% of physicians globally do not have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities, fueled the expansion of our vision.

Given the efficiency and scalability of software, we expanded our architecture to link historical and episodic patient data to SAS for “continuous care analytics” initially for reducing SEPSIS deaths. Most patient data today is kept in proprietary silos rather than patient-centric.

We intend to link hospital and third-party patient data to continuously monitor patients across their coverage of episodic care. Beyond sepsis, we will be able to run dozens of acute and chronic care models offering continuous monitoring of patients beyond the hospital improving care performance and substantial reduction in healthcare costs for all stakeholders.

As we grow, we will leverage the advances enabled by the global deployment of smart phones, to link patients to physicians to treatments – enabling the complete healthcare cycle, resulting in positive transformation of health outcomes around the globe.

Our approach to this complete cycle from diagnostics through positive outcome, evolves around the patient – enabling you as a patient to one day have control of all your medical records enabling proactive care with early detection and treatment anytime, anyplace.

We plan to build a profitable company for our investors around technology, diagnostics and training that offers affordable healthcare with global access. Imagine low-cost home testing with 24/7 telehealth AI guided clinician access via mobile phone satellite/internet connections virtually anywhere in the world.

Our initial focus is a software platform to positively impact health outcomes with Sepsis in the United States and beyond. We are already on a path to integrate the data of at-risk patients with continuous predictive analytics to improve sepsis outcomes and save lives. We invite you to join our mission with the confidence that your investment will make the world a better place.

Billy Meadow
Founder and Chairman



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We invite you to discuss how we can partner to build a dynamic consortium of governments, NGOs, health foundations, micro-financing institutions, insurance companies, product distributors, pharmacies and technology innovators.